Only a creative work which fills the whole world with its energy can join us together.

Lisstizky has specialized in the creation, design and artistic production of spatial media productions for almost 100 years.

Our multidisciplinary studio focuses on the immersive, experiential, haptic dimension of digital media and space and involves the observer in inspirational, utopian environments.

Lissitzky works as a commercial service agency as well as creative partner from the first concept to final realization in a passionate dialogue together with clients and project partners to develop highly  stimulating audio-visual expressions capable of motivating a mass audience.

As one of Russia’s leading specialists in large format spatial media productions, our portfolio reaches from national and international projects for museums, exhibitions and expos up to architecture, art, theatre, graphic design, and publishing.

Founded by the Russian visionary designer El Lissitzky in 1926, our studio honors and expands his legacy by using the latest technologies to further his vision of immersive environments designed for collective enlightenment and inspiration.


We at Lissitzky believe in the power of simultaneous collective reception. We design environments that allow our partners to demonstrate to the public not what their products are, but what they do. We believe that a printing press, for instance, is not simply a device for producing printed matter: it a machine for spreading literacy, bonding disparate peoples, building a collective, ending centuries of political passivity. Our practice is built on utopian, visionary principles: a Lissitzky designed environment does not depict reality as it is; it visualizes an aspirational future and enlists the audience in the collective effort to achieve the dream.



"It is shortsighted to suppose that machines, i.e., the displacement of manual by mechanical processes, are basic to the development of the form and the figure of an artifact. In the first place it is the consumers' demand that determines the development, i.e., the demand of the social strata that provide the 'commissions.' Today this is not a narrow circle anymore, a thin cream, but everybody, the masses."

- El Lissitzky

Since our earliest expressions for the young Soviet state, Lissitzky has been a practice focused on the People. Our work strives to stimulate mass consciousness, not only in its subject matter but in its formal expression. As early as 1926, our founder El Lissitzky had revolutionized artistic display by designing Demonstration Rooms, interactive cabinets for the display of art  in which the surfaces changed in value from white to black according to the viewer's position and the wall panels moved, carrying or covering easel panels, according to the visitors momentary needs or interests. We strive to keep this legacy of innovation and interactivity alive in all that we do.


"We rejoice at the new media which technology has placed at our disposal. We know that being in close contact with worldwide events and keeping pace with the progress of social development, that with the perpetual sharpening of our optic nerve, with the mastery of plastic material, with the construction of the plane and its space, with the force which keeps inventiveness at boiling-point, with all these new assets, we know that finally we shall give a new effectiveness..." — El Lissitzky, founder

By immersing the visitor in the possible effects of a product, service, or public policy and applying new technologies and communication strategies to demonstrate its potential, we create environments that are of the moment and for the future.


"Every organized work - whether it be a house, a poem, or a picture - is an 'object', not intended to estrange people from life, but on the contrary to call upon them to take part in its organization."

- El Lissitzky

Our goal is to create environments in which the audience is activated. We strive to entertain, enlighten and educate but, beyond all, to inspire. Each design we make - each image we present, each medium we apply, each text we write - is intended to trigger in the the viewer a sense of purpose and participation.



Set vision and strategy:

Mass mobilization is possible when you can tell a story that motivates action. We help create a clear story about where you are today, and where we need to be tomorrow - articulated as a purpose statement, a narrative to describe your vision, and a set of visual and spatial strategies for expressing your narrative to your audience. 


Build an environment of purpose and performance:

We build an environment that knows how to contribute to and is fully engaged in pursuing your purpose—down to every individual—beginning with aligning your leadership team and our associated artists around a set of beliefs and behaviors. We then help define and create the tools, interactions, and rituals necessary to drive ongoing transformation at scale.


Design the public experiences that trigger your customers' passions:

Your audience should experience your brand in a way that inspires belief in your company or cause, and actively incorporates them in its expansion. Whether it’s a retail space, an international exposition, or a political campaign, the experiences and environments we design change how your customers imagine their world and interact with your brand.