Storage you live in

Self-storage is painful, and we're here to fix it. In 2014, we started Dacha Co-op with the 
belief that all people deserve storage space that they can live in, that's customizable to 
their own tastes and located in a relaxing atmosphere outside of the city. We 
established a system of settlements across Russia and dedicated ourselves to providing 
a new way for our friends and neighbors to store the belongings that have shaped their 
lives - furniture, clothes, old electronics, fine art, etc. - in an environment that they 
design, curate, and holiday in. 


Dacha is a Russian word for seasonal or year-round second homes, usually located in 
the exurbs of cities. Most dacha areas trace their origins to the Soviet era and consist of 
a patchwork of small plots, averaging about 600 square meters. During Soviet times, 
dachas provided a unique opportunity for city dwellers to construct and decorate 
their own homes and to garden and even trade. In the post-Soviet era, dachas 
continue to play a crucial role, as a refuge, place of recreation, and repository for 
possessions from a previous time. 


Self storage is an easy way to gain needed space. Put simply it is your own storage unit 
within a community where only you have the key to your unit. You are able to customize 
the size, the type, the length of stay and you can access your unit, and the belongings 
you need to store, any time. The practice began in America, where one family in ten 
uses one of the country's 50,000 facilities. In recent years the self storage sector has 
been booming, with increasing amounts of space offered across Europe and East Asia. 
In Australia, for instance, there is already 1.1 square foot of storage space for every 
person, according to the Australasian Storage Association, and the number is growing. 
But the typical storage facility tends to be a cold, industrial space. Most prohibit 
customers from residing in their unit, regardless of size or price. Dacha Co-op is 


Because we can offer you that extra space in a charming, family-friendly dacha that is 
specifically designed for this purpose. Keep the belongings that have shaped your 
life - furniture, clothes, electronics, fine art and artifacts of pop culture - in an 
environment that you design, curate, and holiday in. Become part of a community of 
dachniks, dedicated to the upkeep of their plots and enjoy an informal, village-like 
lifestyle impossible to find the city. Or don't! The choice is yours. Our dacha storage 
experts can advise you on the unit and location best suited to your needs. They can 
help you throughout the whole selection and moving process and offer any advice you 
may need. So, whether you need extra storage and desire a second home (or both!), ou can find a tailor-made solution at Dacha Co-op. 

We can offer you: 

  • A range of unit sizes from XX sq m to XXXXX sq m 
  • Short term and long term lease options 
  • Convenience with settlements around every major Russian city and every climate 
  • Access 7 days a week 
  • Secure units with the option of neighbors who can monitor your unit when you're away 
  • Expert advice 
  • Change your unit size or look at any time, no transfer cost 
  • Extensive gardening options 
  • An informal, village-like atmosphere unavailable in the city 
  • Boxes, bubble wrap and sticky tape on site



It's easy! Just keep these three things in mind when choosing your Dacha Co-op unit: 

1. Location 

  • Dacha Co-op has dachas throughout Russia. To get a price at a cooperative near you, speak to one of our expert advertisers 
  • If you do not need regular access to your belongings, look beyond your home city; you might find cheaper units, better weather, and greater proximity (or remoteness) to family if you are willing to travel a bit further. 

2. Size 

  • Dacha Co-op offers a variety of unit sizes from XX to XXX square meters. Use our handy size estimator to see which size you need. 
  • Remember that you can always move to a bigger or smaller unit at any time – we do not charge a transfer fee. 

3. Unit features 

  • Our dachas are dry, clean, ventilated and electrified. In addition to the standard features we offer other options to cater to your storage needs, including consultations with architects and contractors experienced in creating some of Russia's most extravagant country homes.  

Once you have found your ideal dacha, the next step will be to make a reservation to 
hold the availability, price and any promotion.