Therms for good terms

We are a cutting-edge designer of large scale public bath facilities, based in Russia. We work to address the two most pressing problems of the 21st century - water scarcity and rapidly urbanizing populations - by providing water and energy efficient facilities for the expansion of hygiene on a mass scale. Sustainable Development is our driving force and can be traced in everything we do.


According to the United Nations,  7 of the 10 fastest growing cities lack adequate water and sanitation.

The challenge is how to provide a basic standard of hygiene for large, newly urbanized populations when the supply of water is insufficient.


In response to these urgent challenges, we developed an original architectural system that provides for the most while using the least. Our signature round bathhouses are modernist machines for providing hygiene for huge numbers within an environment that remains aesthetically original and socially pleasant.

The Circularity experience consists of 5 steps that each visitor must follow:

1. Undressing

2. Rinsing

3. Steaming

4. Washing

5. Dressing

Our facilities are specially designed to ensure that visitors follow these steps in the correct sequence. Bathers enter and become part of a 'bathing loop' begins with removing soiled clothes and takes them through a multi-step cleaning process that concludes when their clothes are returned to them, freshly sanitized.

This hygiene loop is designed into the very architecture our buildings. All Circularity public bath facilities are round. Although it gives our buildings a unique and visually appealing quality, their roundness if not an aesthetic choice. It is simply the most efficient solution for providing the most with the least.



On average, bathing a person requires 1/3 the amount of water that showering does.


The round building typology is far more efficient than a geometric one: the wall area of our round baths is 24.7% less than their square equivalent.


A round building for mass bathing saves energy. Heat loss from our round bath buildings is 27% less than traditional facilities of similar size.


The scale of our facilities creates an urban density that not only serves the largest numbers, but introduces newly arrived city dwellers to the ways of urban life. Life in a city offers new opportunities and requires new habits: consistent hygiene, assiduous rule following, and fellowship being three of the most important.

Circularity applies the best of modernist thinking to provide an integrated solution to our current urban and ecological crises.