'My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust' (Psalm 91:2)

Millions of people believe that we are living in the end times.  Many are looking for a viable solution to survive catastrophes to come. For many of us, it feels like just a matter of time before our home experiences its own catastrophic event - whether due to climatic instability or social unrest. Disasters are rare and unpredictable, but once we extend the horizon beyond a year or two, they appear inevitable. Don't be caught unprepared!

The standard solution to most threat scenarios is to find underground shelter. This strategy is outdated and hugely expensive. Cold War era public shelters tend to be poorly stocked, maintained, and insufficient to accommodate the needs of our expanding cities. The cost of building a personalized bunker is prohibitively high for the vast majority of people. According to media reports, the governments of the world have been busy building vast underground shelter complexes for the elite. The rest of us are on our own, without a long-term survival solution.

At Ark-Stroy we believe that wealth shouldn't be the ultimate arbiter of safety. Our patented above-ground communal safety compound applies the best of science and engineering to provide housing that can withstand any threat scenario - including a pole shift, super volcano eruptions, solar flares, earthquakes, asteroids, tsunamis, nuclear attack, bio terrorism, chemical warfare and even widespread social anarchy - while providing a modernistic environment that is pleasant and affordable.

Ark-Stroy is a privately funded venture, with no religious affiliations, building a global network of above-ground safety complexes, to accommodate thousands of people. Ark-Stroy provides a life assurance solution for those that wish to be prepared for the worst without sacrificing quality of life. Co-own an equity share of the Ark-Stroy shelter closest to your home area.


Ark-Stroy is effectively a modern day Noah’s Ark, providing residents with a life-assurance solution to preserve what's most precious to them. Ark-Stroy is the most viable solution for the continuance of life, providing an above-ground "biosphere" to survive virtually any catastrophe, whether from nature, the cosmos, or an act of mankind.

It would be cost prohibitive for all but the very elite to build and outfit a shelter of equivalent imperviousness, and to fully equip, supply and staff the shelter with the diversity of skills and talents provided by each Ark-Stroy member community. From doctors, to military and security experts each complex provides a team of talents and skills that will assure your best chance of survival in the most disastrous scenarios. Ark-Stroy's community-based housing approach creates the structure and the diversity, so each member needs only to contribute a fraction of the overall cost and responsibility.


Ark-Stroy traces its origins to the House at Tulskaya, a high safety housing complex built for employees of the Ministry of Atomic Energy and Industry of the USSR. Designed at the height of the Cold War, the building was distinguished both by its strength and size - built of extra reinforced concrete, 400 meters in length and over 50 meters in height, capable of housing 1000 families. Determined to design the ultimate impervious residence, the original Ark-Stroy engineers introduced a number of innovations to protect residents, including installing air filtering windows. They also applied original methods to improve the integrity of the structure, including elevating the building from street level with a combination of straight and trapeziform legs. Between these legs, they inserted services - a post office, bank, laundry, cafe, and exhibition hall - that provided for the residents while connecting their monolithic housing to the city at large. To this day, the combination of innovative engineering, safety focus, and community engagement that defined the House at Tulskaya is built into every Ark-Stroy